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PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any bonsai on this page, you will receive the bonsai in the photo, not a look-alike.  

All bonsai on this page were grown & trained in China

Ficus makes an excellent bonsai for indoor growing.  Because of its long narrow leaves and wood growth,
the Narrow-Leaf Ficus (Ficus Nerifolia) is one of the better ficus for bonsai cultivation.
They will live with or without direct sun, but given the choice, they prefer at least
a few hours a day of direct sun a day.  Avoid direct mid-day sun in the middle of summer.

The bonsai in the photo above was previously sold-See the list below.

Item Code Name Price
FNR-2 Ficus Nerifolia $ 59.95 Photo
FNU-1-360 degree spiral trunk Ficus Nerifolia $ 74.95 Photo
FNU-2-360 degree spiral trunk Ficus Nerifolia $ 74.95 Photo
FNX-1 Ficus Nerifolia $ 89.95 Photo

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