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PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any bonsai on this page, you will receive the bonsai in the photo, not a look-alike.  
Ginseng Ficus makes an excellent indoor bonsai.
Imported from China, their bulbous roots are unique and unusual looking.  It is one of the hardiest species used for bonsai cultivation.
They will live with or without direct sun, but given the choice, they prefer at least a few hours a day of direct sun.
Avoid direct mid-day sun in the middle of summer.

Item Code Name Price
GFN-4 Ginseng Ficus $ 44.95 Photo
GFP-2 Ginseng Ficus $ 49.95 Photo
GFP-3 Ginseng Ficus $ 49.95 Photo
GFP-5 Ginseng Ficus $ 49.95 Photo

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