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pom pom

The Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica Granatum Nana) is a very popular bonsai subject for its fruiting and especially for its flowering.  Because of its small leaves, it is a tree especially recommended for small & miniature bonsai styles, but makes a good larger sized bonsai as well.   In addition to its bright red/orange "trumpet style" flowers, it grows with a naturally twisting style trunk, that gives it a gnarled, ancient appearance at a relativly early period in its life.  The leaves are a dark green with some bronze in the newer growth, and after flowering, it produces small pomegranates under good conditions.  It grows best in hot, sunny areas, likes plenty of water, regular feeding and flowers best when it is slightly root-bound.  A deeper pot is best. The tree does not like frost.  In cooler climates, bring it in when the temperateres go into the 50's or 40's.  When wiring, remember that the branches are very brittle and break easily.

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