PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any bonsai on this page, you will receive the bonsai in the photo, not a look-alike.  

The many varieties of the Serissa family are a joy to have.   They are native to southern China, but have been cultivated all over the world for over a century.
Their tiny leaves and beautiful, small flowers make them highly prized by bonsai enthusiasts.
The "Thousand Star" White Serissa has tiny white trumpet-shaped flowers.  It is called "Tree of A Thousand Stars" because of it's profuse flowering.
The entire family is hardy, and easy to care for.  They will do well in the 80's year round, but can actually survive a light frost.
Under good conditions they flower continually.  Trim often for maximum fullness and flowering.  Water well to avoid yellowing leaves.

All Serissas on this page were grown and trained in China.

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SWP-1 Thousand Star Serissa $ 49.95 Photo
SWT-1 Thousand Star Serissa $ 69.95 Photo

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