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PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any bonsai on this page, you will receive the bonsai in the photo, not a look-alike.

Maple trees are one of the largest, most varied species of tree used in bonsai cultivation.   There are many Maples with natural small leaf size, and there is a wide variety of leaf colors available. Added to their branching and wood growth characteristics, there are many Maples that are great candidates for addition to any bonsai collection.
Maples are bare from late fall through early spring in cold climates.  A Water Maple should not be kept indoors if an outdoor place is available. The Water Maple is unique in that it will live in a wide range of climates. They are grown in areas ranging from northern Minnesota to the southern parts of Central Florida.

Item Code Name Price
WML-2 Water Maple $ 39.95 Photo
WMR-1 Water Maple $ 59.95 Photo
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