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PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any pre-bonsai on this page, you will receive the stock in the photo, not a look-alike.  

  Fukien Tea makes an excellent indoor bonsai.They produce tiny white flowers, and the small leaf variety (Carmona Microphylla) makes small berries (shown above)
which start out green, and turn from amber to orange to red to deep purple.  They do well indoors, but if possible they should be kept outdoors in the sun when the temperature is above 60.
They like a lot of light, but avoid direct mid-day sun in the middle of summer.  Watch out for aphids.  They love the tender new growth at the tips of the branches.
While it's not good to let the soil dry out, the roots will begin to rot if they are too wet for too long, so make sure the bottom of the pot is not in water except for the normal 15 minute watering.

Item Code Name Price
FSF-21 Fukien Tea - Small Leaf $24.95 Photo
FSF-24 Fukien Tea - Small Leaf $24.95 Photo
FUR-21 Fukien Tea - Medium Leaf $59.95 Photo
FUX-20 Fukien Tea - Medium Leaf $89.95 Photo
FUX-21 Fukien Tea - Medium Leaf $89.95 Photo

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