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PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase any pre-bonsai on this page, you will receive the stock in the photo, not a look-alike.  

Natal Plum and Dwarf Natal Plum are small subtropical evergreen trees which lend themself well to bonsai culture.  The Natal Plum has sharp thorns, the Dwarf Natal Plum has few or none. They develop white, fragrant flowers and deep red fruit.  They will adapt to a wide range of conditions.  They like plenty of light, and should get at least four hours of direct sunlight daily.  They need warmth in winter, and prefers night temperatures between 50-65F and day temperatures of 68F or more.  They do well indoors, but when grown indoors, they are more prone to fungus when kept in areas without good air circulation.  A fan nearby for improved air circulation will reduce the chance of fungus developing.

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NPF-20 Natal Plum $24.95 Photo
NPH-20 Natal Plum $29.95 Photo

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