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The Mini-Leaf Variegated Elephant Bush, (also known as South African Jade or Portulacaria Afra) is a tiny-leafed member of the Portulacaria Afra family with a rough wood-colored trunk and branches, making it ideal for bonsai cultivation.  
This variety has the smallest leaves in the family, and they are variegated (different colors on the same leaf.)   It will survive without any direct sun, or with all-day sun.    If direct sun is available, a few hours a day will improve growth and overall appearance of this bonsai.  Being a succulent, it can go for days without water.  Like the Schefflera Arboricola it is the perfect bonsai for an office, or for someone who has little or no sunlight available, or who is away from their home or office for days at a time.
In South Africa they are known as "Elephant Bushes" because Elephants consume them, and they can account for as much as 80% of an Elephant's diet.  They are extremely resilient, and will re-grow new leaves and branches in a week or two after being eaten almost to the ground.  In areas where they are not "trimmed" by Elephants, they can grow to six feet or more.

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VPA-20 Mini-Leaf Variegated Elephant Bush Pre-Bonsai $ 14.95 Photo
VPA-21 Mini-Leaf Variegated Elephant Bush Pre-Bonsai $ 14.95 Photo
VPD-20 Mini-Leaf Variegated Elephant Bush Pre-Bonsai $ 19.95 Photo

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