This combination watering wand features both a super-soft spray, and a fog-like mist setting.
The Soft-Spray is for watering.  It delivers a high volume of water that will not disturb the surface of most bonsai.
With a twist of the head, it becomes a fogger that is perfect for misting moss.
Combine this item with other items and take advantage of the special pricing listed below.
   Order as many as you need at the price indicated by your merchandise total (not including shiping.)
Limit 1 Free Wand per Order.  For additional Wands With $100.00 orders use M4175 $.095 each.

M4101 Combination Water Wand $5.95
M4125 Combination Water Wand - With $ 24.95 Order $2.95
M4150 Combination Water Wand - With $ 49.95 Order $1.95
M4175 Combination Water Wand - With $ 74.95 Order $0.95
M4100 Combination Water Wand - With $99.95 Order Free