Cut Paste

Removing branches or cutting the trunk of a bonsai leaves an open wound.
Cut Paste is used to seal these wounds. It aids the trees natural healing & prevents drying out, and keeps dirt & insects from getting under the bark.
Because of their "Putty" like consistency, C2 & C3 are best for larger wounds. C1, C4, C6 & C7 have a "Toothpaste" like consistency.
They are recommended for smaller wounds.  CP5, Bonsai Bond is for repairing broken branches.
Jin Seal is for sealing & "bleaching" branches where the bark has been stripped off
Item Code Description Price
CP1 Karusmate - 100 Gram Tube $17.95 Details
CP4 Kiyonal - 100 Gram Tube $14.95 Details
HOJS Jin Seal - 4 Fl. Oz. Bottle $7.99 Details
HP-120 Bonsai Healing Paste $12.95 Details
CP5 Masakuni Bonsai Bond - 50 Gram Bottle $16.50 Details
CP6 Top Jin - 200 Gram Tube $24.95 Details
CP7 Kiyonal Ace Liquid Cut Paste - 50 Gram Tube $19.95 Details