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Humidi-Grow Trays

Humidi-Grow trays are useful & versatile. As their name implies, they release humidity into the air. This is great for both the bonsai & the moss. The grid is removable, and if your bonsai fits in the 2-1/2 inch deep bottom part of the tray, you can add a little plant food & some Superthrive Vitamins to the water. When it's time to water, lift up the grid, and sit the bonsai pot into the water. When done, replace the grid and the excess drips back into the tray. When someone asks if they can hold the weight of a bonsai, I put the tray on the floor, and stand on it. So far, no damage. Humidi-Grow Trays are available in six sizes, and two colors.
They are reasonably priced. I recommend them strongly.

In early 2017 the Beta Craft factory was unable to get the material needed to make these trays.
12/20/2017 - Production on the black trays is now be back to normal.  The future of the brown trays is uncertain as of now. If and when they go into production they will be shipped to us, and put back on the site.
PLEASE NOTE: some photos are of the brown trays.  The color shown on the "BUY ME" button is what is currently available.

Newest Addition, HT106 is equal to 4 HT101's in a "2 by 2" pattern

PLEASE NOTE Click On the "Photo" link to see a tray and get to its "Buy Me" Button.

Item Code Description Price Details
HT101 Black 13-1/2 Long X 10-1/2 Wide X 02-1/2 Deep $18.95
HT102 Black 26 Long X 10-1/2 Wide X 02-1/2 Deep $29.95
HT103 Black 29-1/2 Long X 13-1/2 Wide X 02-1/2 Deep $42.95
HT106 Black 25-7/8 Long X 19-1/2 Wide X 02-1/2 Deep $52.95
HT105 Black 26-1/3 Long X 06-1/2 Wide X 02-1/2 Deep $19.95
HT105S Brown or Black Set of 3 HT105 With Free Stand $67.95
HT104 Brown or Black 38-1/3 Long X 06-1/2 Wide X 02-1/2 Deep $36.95
HT104S Black Set of 3 HT104 With Free Stand $89.95

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