Jack's Acid Special Plant Food

As is sadly familiar nowadays, The Peters Corporation was taken over by a conglomerate, which was in turn taken over by an even larger one.
The first takeover resulted in changes to the Peters line of products, and the second takeover resulted in Peters products being cut altogether.
Fortunately, J.R. Peters is now producing the plant food you have known & loved under the name "Jack's Classic"
If you used Peters Plant Food in the past, this is the way to go.

A plant food formulated for all Acid-Loving trees & plants
17-6-6.  Good for feeding of acid-loving bonsai (most conifers including Juniper, Pine, Spruce,
and many others including Azalea, Gardenia and many many more) and acid-loving houseplants, garden plants & vegetables.

JAA24 Jack's Acid Special Plant Food - 1-1/2 Lb $10.49