MaxiBloom Premium Plant Food

For the serious bonsai enthusiasts, MaxiBloom Premium Nutrients are a step up from the every-day nutrients we are all used to using.   MaxiBloom is an extremely potent, stand alone, water-soluble, dry concentrated nutrient.  Complete in all primary, secondary and micro nutrients.  MaxiBloom is user friendly and will provide superior results over a broad spectrum of different varieties of flowering and fruiting bonsai.
MaxiBloom encourages prolific flowering and fruiting and stimulates root growth.
It is an easy to use formulas which will take your bonsai to higher levels of vitality, growth, flowering and fruiting.   MaxiBloom is pH buffered to minimize pH drift and the need to check and adjust nutrient pH.  With superior ingredients and innovative manufacturing, this powerful nutrient delivers the precise mix your bonsai needs while growing and flowering.
MaxiBloom is available in 2.2 pound (1 kilo) and 4 pound sizes.

MB22 MaxiBloom Premium Plant Food - 2.2 Pounds $17.95
MB40 MaxiBloom Premium Plant Food - 4 Pounds $29.98