J6356 sm200 sphagnum
Kyoto Moss Spores are used to grow moss, usually for the surface of a bonsai tree.
If ordering only Kyoto moss spores, (six or less packets) consider "USPS First Class" as your shipping method.
The shopping cart will assess our normal $3.00 "Per Order" Handling Fee, but we will remove the entire $3.00 Handling fee prior to processing your charge.
To do this, change the "Shipping Method" box (lower right side of the order form) from "UPS Ground" to
"USPS First Class."
We can fit as many as 6 packages in an envelope, and the postage will be MUCH less than any other method.

Super Moss is a preserved sheet moss. It is excelent for the surface of a bonsai tree.
Click "Details" below for information, and a photo of Super Moss "in action."

Sphagnum Moss is used as a medium for air layering,
flower arranging, arts & crafts, and numerous other applications.
It is not a good product to use to grow moss on the surface of a bonsai tree.

J6356 Kyoto Moss Spores - 1/2 Oz. $ 3.50 Details
SM200 Super Moss - 200 Cubic Inches $11.95 Details
SM480 Super Moss - 480 Cubic Inches $18.95 Details
SP4 Sphagnum Moss - 4 Oz. $ 2.95 Details