Soil pH Meters

ph1845 ph700 ph1847

Whether you're growing a little $15.00 Juniper, or a $1,000.00 Chinese Elm, your bonsai is affected by the condition of the soil in which it grows.
A soil pH tester is a scientific tool for determining the capacity of your soil to provide nutrients and proper pH to your bonsai.
Virtually any bonsai would benefit from regular soil testing.  These pH meters are both accurate and affordable.
They feature an easy to read dial or digital readout and a soil probe.    Model pH700 (Center photo) needs no batteries.
Model 1847 (Left) & 1845 (Right) have the batteries included in the package. All three are very accurate instruments for the most serious bonsai hobbyists.

PH1847 Digital Soil pH Tester $ 15.99
PH700 Soil pH Tester $ 23.95
PH1845 Digital Plus Soil pH Tester $ 33.95