Raffia is an invaluable aid when wiring or bending branches. It is used to protect
the branches and bark of your bonsai tree when using wire or branch benders to reshape
a branch or trunk. It is best to soak strands of Raffia for 20 to 30 minutes. Wind tightly
around the length of the branch in the direction that the wire will be applied. When the
raffia dries it will shrink slightly. When the wire is wound around the branch and bent to
the desired shape the raffia will minimize the distortion that occurs between the heartwood,
cambium layer and bark. The bend will then set faster with less stress to the tree.
Each hank (bundle) contains 7 to 9 ounces of top-grade raffia strands ranging from 24" to 36" depending on the thickness.
Full or half hanks available below.

RA1 Raffia - Full Hank $10.95
RA2 Raffia - Half Hank $ 6.95