SM200 Super Moss

Super Moss

Super Moss is a fantastic solution for a problem that most bonsai hobbyists face. Finding and keeping moss alive.
Live moss is difficult to find in many areas of the country. In places where the winter low temperature requires that
sub-tropical bonsai be brought indoors, keeping moss alive indoors is usually near-impossible.
Super Moss is a thin sheet moss which is preserved.   In time the green color will gradually fade, but it will still look natural.
For bonsai kept in a "moss-friendly" environment Super Moss will serve as a surface on which new moss will grow naturally.
Please note that a "moss-friendly environment" is a place where moss would eventually grow naturally, and that will rarely happen indoors.
Because of this, we have begun to place Super Moss on many of our new bonsai, some temperate & all sub-tropical varieties. See the example above.
And using it couldn't be much easier to use. Just soak a piece in water for a few minutes and place it on the surface. Tuck in the edges and you're good to go.

SM200 Super Moss-200 Cubic Inch Bag $11.95
SM480 Super Moss-480 Cubic Inch Bag $18.95