Tube Tube

If you keep bonsai indoors under artificial light, full spectrum fluorescent bulbs are a must for you.  For information on growing under artificial lights, see Tip of the Week #11.
And they're not just for Bonsai Trees.  If you have tropical or marine fish, parrots or other birds, or own houseplants that look less than 100%, Full Spectrum Fluorescent lighting could be the answer.
They are even good for people, helping the body produce Vitamin D.
Available in both the standard fluorescent tubes, or the screw-in Compact Fluorescent bulb pictured to the right (20 Watts of power provide the equivalent of an 80 to 100 watt full spectrum bulb) these Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs will work wonders for all the things mentioned above.
The versatile Bulb & fixture can be mounted almost anywhere. The power cord & switch are ideal for a timer set-up or manual off & on operation. The full spectrum bulb is great for bonsai, houseplants or pets.

CF20 Full Spectrum Compact Fluorescent Screw-in Bulb $ 19.95
S18 Full Spectrum - 18 Inch $ 17.95
S24 Full Spectrum - 24 Inch $ 20.95
S36 Full Spectrum - 36 Inch $ 17.95
S48 Full Spectrum - 48 Inch $ 23.95
VLF24 24" Full Spectrum Fluorescent Bulb & Fixture $ 49.95