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Superthrive Vitamins

Of all the products that you will find on this site, none come more highly recommended than Superthrive.
I began using it in 1976, and I consider it as necessary to successful bonsai cultivation as tools or pottery.
It is a mixture of vitamins and plant nutrients that should be added to all water used year-round for your bonsai or houseplants
Important:  Use Superthrive in addition to plant food, not in place of it.
One or two drops per gallon of water will make healthy bonsai stronger, help revive an ailing bonsai, increase growth
and give more, longer lasting blooms.  When you repot or root prune a bonsai, fifteen drops (1/4 teaspoon) per gallon
used for a 15 minute soak will dramatically reduce transplant shock and losses.  It also works wonders on orchids and house plants.

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STB Superthrive - 1 Oz. $   5.99
STC Superthrive - 2 Oz. $   7.99
STD Superthrive - 4 Oz. $ 11.99
STP Superthrive - 1 Pint $ 35.99
STQ Superthrive - 1 Quart. $ 62.99
STG Superthrive - 1 Gallon $178.99