Humidity Trays

Humidity trays serve a number of purposes. Stoneware bonsai pottery is extremely abrasive.   Putting a tray under a bonsai pot will protect the surface where the bonsai is kept.
In addition, if you fill them with coarse gravel and put water in them they release humidity into the air.  This is great for both the bonsai, & the moss.
Also, after watering a bonsai, it will drip for quite a while.  By placing the bonsai on a tray, it will have a place to drain without making a mess.
The trays are made of heavy-duty plastic.  They are attractive and inexpensive.   All trays are just under 1 inch high except where noted.

Top Row. The black oval trays starting with "KT" match the left photo, the brown oval trays starting with "JT" match the right photo.
Bottom row photos match the description of the rectangular trays. The first 2 begin with "KT" the 3rd begin with "JT"

    Black Oval Tray     Brown Oval Tray
    Black Rectangle Tray     Brown Rectangle Tray     Black Rectangle Tray

Item Code
Plastic Trays - Outside Dimensions
JT6122 Black Rectangular Humidity Tray 8-3/8 X 6-1/8 $ 5.95
JT6120 Brown Oval Humidity Tray 9.75 X 6.62 X 1.25 $ 7.69
JT6123 Black Rectangular Humidity Tray 10.75 X 7.75 $ 7.79
JT6121 Brown Oval Humidity Tray 11.5 X 8.25 X 1.25 $9.95
KT2613 Gray Rectangular Humidity Tray 13 X 9 $ 9.95
JT6124 Brown Rectangular Humidity Tray 13 X 9.25 $9.95
JT6125 Black Rectangular Humidity Tray 16 X 11.75 $13.49
JT6126 Black Rectangular Humidity Tray 18 X 13.25 $18.99