For over 50 years, Wilt-Pruf has been the leading anti-dessicant spray worldwide.
The leading cause of death in bonsai during transplanting is water loss in the foliage which can occur before the root system has been able to repair itself.    A single spraying will bring a newly transplanted bonsai through the transition period.  In winter, damage and/or death can result from a combination of wind and below freezing temperatures when the soil is frozen.  Wilt-Pruf coats the foliage, and seals in moisture.  The results are truly amazing.   Monthly spraying during the winter will reduce wind burn on bonsai wintered outdoors.  Available in 14 Oz. Aerosol and 32 Oz. Ready To Use Pump Spray Bottle.

WP14 Wilt-Pruf Aerosol - 14 Oz. $ 9.99
WP32 Wilt-Pruf Spray Bottle- 32 Oz. $15.99