Custom made tool sets are very convenient, but do not always meet the exact needs of the user.
Already have some tools? Select the ones you don't have to complete your set.
Select any 5 tools and a case, or 7 (or more) tools and a case from our extensive selection.
At checkout, in the "Discount Code" box below your Billing Information type DIY5 (5 tools & a case) for a $10.00 discount
or DIY7 (7 or more tool & a case) for a $15.00 discount on your custom built tool set, and say "I Did It My Way!".

Please note: Selecting the wrong code or either code for an order which does not qualify will delay the processing of your order.

In order to qualify for this discount, your order MUST contain
one of our 4 Tool Cases and the appropriate number of tools.