This "Made In The U.S.A." turntable is, by far, the highest quality turntable we have offered for sale since Bonsai of Brooklyn was founded in 1976.
The solid wood, professionally finished 18 inch wide by 1-1/4 inch thick surface is topped by a non-slip heavy duty rubber mat.
The heavy-duty steel base has 5 legs, capped with rubber pads that will prevent slipping and protect the surface on which it sits.
The overall height is 6 inches  The ball-bearing movement is smooth & easy, and features a locking mechanism for stability while trimming or wiring
Six "eyelets" on the underside can be used to secure your project when working on an unstable tree.
We offer "Economy Grade" turntables where price is a consideration.   If quality is your prime consideration, this is the turntable to consider.

k59400 k59400

K59400 18 Inch Professional Bonsai Turntable $249.95