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Educational Bonsai DVD's & Videos

Bonsai of Brooklyn is proud to offer our series of three educational bonsai DVD's and videos.   They cover the most requested points of The Art Of Bonsai, and are approximately one hour long each.   The first two are conducted in a classroom setting, and all three were deemed worthy of repeated showings on cable T.V. in New York City.
Available in VHS Video Tape or our new DVD's, which feature an easy to use Main Menu and Chapter Menu.  The chapter menu on the DVD allows you to go directly to the topic you wish to review without scanning through the entire program when you need a "refresher" on a specific topic.

Click "Details" for a description of each one and to place an order,
or click "Buy Me" for special pricing on a set of all three.

Code Title Price
DVD-1 Basic Potting Techniques   $19.95 Details
DVD-2 Japanese Maple Forest   $19.95 Details
DVD-3 General Care & Maintenance   $19.95 Details
DVD-Set of 3 Set of All 3 DVD's (Save $10.00)   $49.85
VHS-1 Basic Potting Techniques $19.95 Details
VHS-2 Japanese Maple Forest $19.95 Details
VHS-3 General Care & Maintenance $19.95 Details
VHS-Set of 3 Set of All 3 VHS Videos (Save $19.90)   $39.95

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