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In the 41 plus years since I founded Bonsai of Brooklyn, my goal has been to provide a quality product at a fair price.  I believe that you are entitled to the type of treatment that I expect for myself when I shop.  Our motto is "Customer Service That's Second To None" and I am proud to say that in in all my years in business, not a single complaint has been lodged against Bonsai of Brooklyn.

Following are some of the comments I have received from my customers.  They are used with permission of the people who wrote them.  If you have a comment to make about the quality of the merchandise or the service you've received from us (either good or bad) Please send them to  I cannot post anonymous comments, so please tell me if I can use your first name, city, state and E-mail address.   If your comments are positive, I will post them on this page.  If your comments are negative, I will call you and try to resolve the problem, (so please include a phone number & best time to call.)  If I am unable to satisfy you, your comments will be posted as written.

Unsolicited Comments From Our Customers.

Ming A. - Jackson Heights, NY
Hi Paul, Thank you for my order of two pre-bonsai, soil and fertilizer. I've never seen bonsai packed so well, especially considering that there were two in a single box! Most important, the quality of your pre-bonsai is EXCEPTIONAL. I've only purchased them at nurseries in Long Island and New Jersey (where I can see the plants before I buy) but your practice of photographing each bonsai you sell - allowing the buyer to see the exact plant s/he's buying - is absolute genius! You made the selection process less harried, provided better quality plants, and for better prices than I've seen at nurseries! I couldn't be happier. From here on, you're my pre-bonsai source!
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Erica From Galway, Ireland
I thought that a bonsai tree would be a great gift to send to my mother in Maine for her birthday. I spent much time researching bonsai and various bonsai suppliers before making a purchase because I wanted to ensure that my mom would receive a beautiful and high quality specimen. After considering all options, I decided to buy from Paul of Bonsai of Brooklyn and I could not be happier with this choice. The ease of transaction and communication from Paul throughout was excellent. I particularly appreciated being able to chose the exact tree that I would buy and the fast and secure shipping by Paul, which was done on the same day that my order was placed. Paul offers many shipping options at very reasonable rates. The one I chose allowed for the tree to arrive in excellent condition in only two days! As many others have stated, the tree was many times more beautiful than the photo that I originally viewed, and I am certain that this would be the case for any specimen prepared by Paul. His experience and talents in working with Bonsai are very apparent. I highly recommend anyone in search of high quality bonsai and excellent customer service to buy from Bonsai of Brooklyn.
Many thanks to you, Paul! I will spread the word about your company at any chance I get!
Very best wishes for you and your business.
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Sandy from West Central Wisconsin
I just got my 2 bonsai trees a few days ago, a Chinese elm and a juniper. I noticed a good many other comments made mention of the picture not doing the tree justice, and are they ever right! I loved the picture, and the trees were even more beautiful than that! The shipment was very well packaged, and they arrived in perfect condition. I got the juniper as sort of a memorial to my mother who had just passed, and I know she would have just loved it. If I can keep from doing something dumb, I think I'll be able to pass it to my daughter eventually. I was looking at many different web sites before choosing this one. I noticed that about 8 of them had the exact same picture of a Chinese elm. I read some reviews about them, and many people said they got trees that looked nothing like the picture. One of the things I loved was that I was able to examine pictures of several different specimens of the same tree, and choose the actual plant that I was going to get. I spoke with the owner, and could really tell he was very passionate about his business and seemed to really love the work he did. It shows in his beautiful trees. He was extremely knowledgeable and I felt that I would be welcome to call if I ever had any questions about my new babies! I would order from Bonsai of Brooklyn again without hesitation, and I will be bragging about my trees and showing them off to any of my friends that will listen! Thank you for your wonderful work!
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John From Bloomington, IL
Three weeks ago I received the Fukien Tea tree ordered just 4 days earlier. It arrived by ground UPS in excellent condition. The packing was extremely well protective. The tree is absolutely beautiful, even more so than the photo. Since arrival the tree is growing new sprouts daily with an increasing number of little white flowers. As a testimonial, I highly recommend Paul's company "Bonsai of Brooklyn". The quality of service and product is beyond comparison in today's mass marketing business. Thanks for your service, John
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Richard From Boston
Here I am again..This is the BEST way to show how impressed I am with the quality of your trees not to mention your unique personal service and advice! You may consider this a testimonial. Note I am using UPS ground just as you suggested. The first time I chose the much more expensive USPS Priority Mail! Thanks in advance for my new tree (I have been watching this bargain and can no longer resist!)
Dr. Dick Z.
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Gary From Waynesboro, VA
I wanted to thank you for your excellent service with our recent order. I learned from my parents, who we sent the bonsai to, that you contacted them to verify the address after discovering that I incorrectly typed their zip code. In addition, you were careful not to give away the surprise and tell them what was being shipped - I appreciate that.
Most importantly, when they received the bonsai, it was a huge hit. My parents loved the tree and have said several times that it is absolutely the cutest tree they have ever seen. I really appreciate the ability to see photos of the actual tree I ordered online. Yours was the only site that I found that did this and an important reason I ordered from you. I'm very happy the tree matched the photo. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the service from Bonsai of Brooklyn!
Thank you and have a Happy New Year!
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Robert From New York, NY
I purchased a Thousand Star Serissa Bonsai Tree about 3 weeks ago from a place in NYC. I noticed that the plant looked OK but it definitely was in need of TLC and this place was in no way providing it or tending to it's needs. When I got it home the leaves were a very faded green and even though there was new growth using my artificial lighting and constant watering, more fallen dead yellow leaves were starting to out number the new ones. The tree was truly suffering. I found Bonsai of Brooklyn from the Internet and called with my problem. I was treated like I had a sick patient talking with a caring doctor and told to come over the next day with the patient (tree). The next day I drove over with my wife. What I found at this place was a true professional, fully equipped caring facility. My tree was immediately treated and I was told exactly how to handle my tree's recovery at home switching between artificial light and my terrace outside. I was given lighting, watering, pruning, fertilizer and soil advice. I was sold a professional grow bulb to replace what I had been previously using. It's been about 12 days since that wonderful caring experience and I now have a truly beautiful, thriving and happy tree. I will be forever grateful to Bonsai of Brooklyn and recommend their service to anyone who truly loves their trees. I am proudly sending an "after" picture of the happy, healthy patient. Thanks Bonsai of Brooklyn. 5 out of 5 stars from me! *****
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Andrew From right here in Brooklyn, NY
Just received my Ginseng Ficus today, wow. I am amazed, It definitely looks better than the picture. It is the nicest looking bonsai I have ever purchased, you can really see the amount of care that has gone into the tree. All the pots I ordered are great as well, and cheaper than any of the other sites. Thank you! I will definitely be back in the near future for all of my bonsai needs. Click To E-mail Andrew

Sam, Huntsville AL.
I just want to start off with thanking you for providing me with everything I have ever expected from your website.  I started the hobby of bonsai about 5 years ago and started off with a few other websites and then about 3 years ago I found yours.  Ever since then I have never bought a bonsai or pre-bonsai tree from anywhere else.  The service is unbelievable (I have sent emails at times around 12 midnight eastern time and gotten a response.)   Nowhere else could I ever hope to receive that kind of service.  When I order a tree I know it will look ten times better than the picture.  I just want to thank you for finally providing a place where I can buy bonsai/pre-bonsai and know that I will not be disappointed.
Thanks Paul
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Mike, Brentwood, TN.
I bought my first mature Bonsai from Paul and it was one of the best and easiest transactions I’ve ever done.  The shipment arrived fast and was extremely well packed.  The tree (a Dwarf Japanese Juniper) was in excellent condition, and even better looking that the image on the website.  I was so pleased I went back a day later to order all the supplemental supplies for this tree from the website.  When I had a question about the pesticide I had ordered, I sent an email to Paul and got an immediate call back with all the information I could have possibly needed.  Those at Bonsai of Brooklyn truly stand by their motto “customer service that is second to none”.  You can tell that they really care about their trees, that they are not just mass marketing.  They will assist you in any way to help their trees live a long healthy life, like a kid making sure their dog’s puppies find good homes.  As soon as I pull enough money to get another, I will definitely go to Paul he has earned my trust, so keep one of those Fukien Tea’s around for me.  Thanks for everything.
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Curt, Alexandria VA.
Bonsai of Brooklyn is, in my opinion, the best bonsai retailer available.  I have several bonsai sites bookmarked but Bonsai of Brooklyn is at the top.  The products are high quality-- like Joshua Roth tools-- and competitively priced.  If you cannot find a product elsewhere, try Bonsai of Brooklyn- even if the product is not available, Paul will locate it.  The service is second to none.  If there is a problem, Paul really bends over backwards to help you by providing a very friendly call or email (Thank you, Paul!)  Also, Paul gives great advice, no matter what the question may be.  There really is nothing else to state other than "Great Service" and I highly recommend Bonsai of Brooklyn.
Sincerely,  Curt
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Pinky, Rochester MN.
Dear Paul,
Hello!  Again, let me express my disbelief that you actually do EXIST!   After I read the testimony of your other customers, I was ready to believe that you were just a figment of their collective imagination.  You could have knocked me over with a feather (and I am no lightweight) when you sent me an e-mail a few minutes after I placed an order ... and this at 11:00 p.m.!  I truly appreciate your kindness in explaining which bonsai plant I should choose and why.  It is so refreshing to find someone who will take the time and effort to educate an ignorant stranger.
Pinky Click To E-mail Pinky

Craig, Elizabeth City, NC
I received my order Friday as promised and I am very pleased with it.  I am so happy with the wonderful quality of service and product that I feel obligated to contribute a testimonial for you web site.  Especially since the ones that are posted helped with my decision to purchase my tree from you.  So please feel free to post my first name, city/state, this email address and testimonial if you would like.
I originally ordered my tree with UPS 2 day air.  Paul called me the next morning and told me that Ground shipping was $10 cheaper and guaranteed to arrive in the same 2 days.   This quality of service and respect for the customer is outstanding and almost unheard of in this day and age.  There is only one thing better that the service that I received from Bonsai of Brooklyn and that is the beautiful tree that I pulled out of the box.  There wasn't a leaf harmed on my tree and it looks 100 times better in person than it did in the picture.   You will not find a better Bonsai for the buck or better service anywhere else.  I would recommend to anyone to buy with confidence.  Thanks for everything.
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Jay, Naperville, IL
I have just placed another order with you, and this is now my second comment on your customer service.   This comment is not so much for you as it is for your customers & potential customers.   I placed an order on Friday and had selected 3 day air for the shipping (to get it to Chicago as fast as possible) for $19.95.   Paul called me back within 10 minutes of receiving my order to tell me he was changing the shipping to regular ground because it was guaranteed to deliver on the same day as the 3 day air would and be $10.00 cheaper!   Now, in my mind, for Paul to do that is incredible.   Especially when it really made no difference to him or his business and he did it only to save me the money!!!    I said in my last comment that you have made a life long customer.   Well, now both myself and my fiancé will be visiting you much more frequently.   Thank you for doing what you do!
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Webmaster's Note: Jay's original comment is 3 letters down.

John, Pearl River, NY
In today's world of fast paced, over merchandised, super-sized and one size fit's all, or a thousand other marketing cliches that express the usual low quality service we get from even the "finest retailers", it's just down right "wonderful" to find one that truly understands and wants to provide outstanding customer service.  Paul at Bonsai of Brooklyn is that one in a thousand.  He helped me select just the right Bonsai for a gift.  He guided me through the order and billing process and has spent more time and effort in helping me get exactly what I wanted than anyone could reasonably expect from a retailer in today's not-so-friendly world.  Just a wonderful experience!  I recommend Bonsai of Brooklyn without hesitation and would use them again, in a heartbeat.
John Click To E-mail John

Sharron, Oroville, CA
You have made a person who has always wanted a bonsai very happy.   I came across you by accident, just looking.  When I read all about you and your tips I thought this guy seems to know something about bonsai.   Then I read where you actually got the plant you picked out from the pictures.   I was hooked.  My plant came in perfect shape, just like you hand delivered it from across town instead of across the country.  I was amazed!   Next I had a question so I e-mailed you.  I get this nice e-mail from you reassuring me.  I can't believe you took the time to do that when you no doubt had lots of things to take care of.  My plant is doing great, it looks wonderful with the moss on it.  I have some new blossoms and the berries are turning colors.   Best of all I have had fun with my new Bonsai, everyone who see it can't believe the quality of the plant for the price.
Thanks again for all your help.
Sharron Click To E-mail Sharron

Jay, Napierville, IL
Dear Paul,
I just received my order last night.  I am new to the art of bonsai and was a little concerned about mail ordering my trees.  When I opened the box I couldn't be more pleased!  The trees were absolutely beautiful, very healthy and there was no damage from the shipping.   I just wanted to say thank you for all the assistance and care.   You've just made another life long customer.
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Robin, Fairport, NY
Being an amateur bonsai artist, I was searching the internet and came across your site.  I decided to order a few supplies and expected to get the usual small internet company run-around; overpriced shipping, "forgetting" to send the order, overbilling, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the package at my door two days later!  The packing job was also superb!  It would have taken a train wreak to damage the items I ordered.  Thanks a million!!!
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Barbara, Oroville, CA
You have another life long customer.  I am new to the art of Bonsai and you have treated me with the utmost respect.  You have treated me like a Queen.  Thank you for all of your help!!!   I can not believe that you ship so expertly, so as to ship across the country is as if I walked into your store in person.  Thank you so much for your help and advice.
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Karen, New York, NY
Dear Paul:
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you provided with the purchase of my little bonsai.   Despite the fact that the transaction didn't involve a large sum, you treated it as though it was going to cover your expenses for the month.   Considering that merely checking out at Duane Reade is cause for stress these days (let's face it, customer service has become a contradiction in terms,) it was very healing to have someone take my business seriously.  Just as important is the fact that you clearly "know your stuff" and are able to convey information about it in a manner which anyone can understand.   I've since perused your online tips and have found them to be informative and well-written.   It's nice to know that my purchase included support.  Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial.  I'd like prospective customers to know that they can buy with confidence.
Kindest regards,
Click To E-mail Karen

Sharon, Upper Darby, PA
Dear Paul,
As you know, I received a Chinese Elm from you a few weeks ago.   I received the exact same tree in the picture e-mailed to me.   One of 3 Chinese Elms you personally selected for me, at my request.   It has been here for a few weeks and already showing new growth, it arrived in wonderful condition.  It lost only 2 leaves and I suspect my kitten is the culprit rather than stress the trip through the mail or this new environment.  I doubt that I have words to express my delight with this Bonsai tree, my pleasure in doing business with you, the prompt responses and personal attention, and the healthy condition of this little tree.  The picture (which was great) really didn't do it justice.   Seeing it in person, it looks like an ancient tree, long loved and well cultivated, I could easily believe it was handed down for generations.   It belongs in a museum, or at least in Longwood Gardens, not here in my Upper Darby home!  Even at the (locallly) famous Waterloo Gardens, this Chinese Elm by far surpasses the best Bonsai specimen they have displayed, (and priced at quite a few hundred dollars!)  I would tell anyone wanting to invest in a Bonsai Tree to buy it from you.  Mostly, I'd like customers to know how easily Bonsai of Brooklyn helped me make one of my dreams a reality.  I just wrote you a short paragraph to give you a mental picture of my "Dream Bonsai Tree", my beginner skill level, what I wanted to spend and the environments I could provide.  Within a day or two, you put all those pieces together, chose a good species for me and sent me a picture of the very tree that I had been drooling over in my mind all these years, never found and surely never believed I could ever afford!  Now I am enjoying it every day and am planing to get a Tree/Kitten-sitter next time I go away.  I will be a return customer for sure.
Thank you so much!
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Lizbeth, New Rochelle, NY
The bonsai, in my son's own words, was "GORGEOUS."  I agree.  I loved it!!  Having bought many (now deceased) bonsai over the years (including at specialty bonsai mall stores and even one at a "bonsai farm" in Georgia), I have to say that the tree surpassed my expectations.  The picture did not do it justice.  I can't wait till I get one for myself.  I'm also grateful for your phone calls; the excellent customer service that you provided & the "very personal touch" by calling me on the phone to discuss the details of the shipping--that makes a world of a difference & will certainly guarantee my buying again from you.
Thanks again,
Click To E-mail Lizbeth

Deb, Cedar Grove, NC
I purchased a Chinese Elm for my husband's birthday.  I have to admit at first I was a wee bit leery about spending $125 for a mail order bonsai.  Well, it came in great condition (soil still moist, no broken limbs.)  It is an absolutely beautiful specimen!!!   And the price was fantastic compared to other trees of that age I have been looking at in this area.  I am so very, very pleased!!!   We will be ordering from you again.
Thank you!!!
P.S. My only regret is he is going to sleep late tomorrow and I will be at work when he walks out to his bonsai garden and finds the new guy.
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Nicholas, Swansea MA
Dear Paul and the rest of the people at Bonsai of Brooklyn,
I ordered some Bonsai supplies from your site about a week ago and it arrived in perfect condition.  I don't get to compliment companies for their services often, but I felt obliged to do so this time.  I love the speed in which the order arrived and the way you promised to send the combination meter as soon as the shipment came in and you did in record time!   I love your site.  It provides Bonsaiists all over the world supplies and even info that cannot be matched.  I will continue to order from your site for as long as I love the art of Bonsai (which I am planning to do for a long time.)  I love the free video clips you provide on the site.  As you may have already guessed, I am well pleased with your companies overall service.
Sincerely yours,
Click To E-mail Nicholas

Todd Ozark, Missouri
I placed an order for a 4 year old South African Jade as a thank you gift for my brother who had just given me the wonderful gift of life with the donation to me of one of his kidneys.  We had both just gotten out of the hospital, and I wanted to give him something meaningful that he would treasure and care for, as I treasure and care for the kidney he gave.   Paul took special care, and hand picked a wonderful tree for my brother, which arrived safely and quickly.  My brother loves his new bonsai.   I can not say enough about the customer service and the personal care and thoughtfulness of this man.  I would not buy a tree anywhere else.
Thank you again,
Click To E-mail Todd

John, Suffolk, Virginia
Dear Paul,
Last week I think you really got me started in Bonsai the right way.  The bonsai I bought arrived in perfect shape and the order was packed very well.  I placed another order today to catch me up on the items that will help me care for my prize.  I`m looking forward to getting some starter stock locally and some soil and pots from you and really getting into this in the spring.  Thanks again for a huge source of help on your great website.  The video was fantastic.   I`m PUMPED.  I lead a very stressful day to day life and I have a feeling that Bonsai will help me calm down and slow down.  Thanks.
Click To E-mail John

Suzie, Eagle River, Alaska
This shipment arrived in the best shape so far.  Congratulations on packing them all safely in one box!  What a wonderful assortment of trees.  Maybe it's just because it's summer time, but these are without a doubt the healthiest most beautiful trees.  Thanks you for all the TLC they have received, and making it possible for others to build wonderful collections.
The "pre-bonsai" is outrageous.  I potted it last night and am so impressed with it.  The "Thousand Star Serissa" has incredible trunk detail.  The smaller trees with their precious promise of more change and growth are adorable.
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Janice, Lexington, KY
I just received a call from my son Blake, and he tells me that the Kingsville Boxwood arrived safely a few moments ago.   Thank you so much for your outstanding service.  My purchase options are extremely limited in this area, and it's wonderful to know that I can order quality Bonsai from a reliable source.  Rest assured that you've gained another loyal customer.  Bravo!
Click To E-mail Janice

Stephanie, St. Petersburg, Florida
I know in the world of Bonsai nurseries, a purchase of $125 isn't much, thanks for treating us otherwise.  I would love a picture of the Maple when you get a chance and please feel free to choose the Netsuke's for us.  I loved them all (except the turtle)!  We just started learning about the art of bonsai a few months ago and we are learning more and more every day thru the Internet and bookstores.  Trees are not only hard to find in our area, but tools, pots and other supplies are hard to find as well.  Your website is easy to use with great information and I have to tell you that you have found a new customer.  I'll be sure to tell my friends and family about your website as well as your superior service.
Click To E-mail Stephanie

Kurt, Deluth, MN
I received an order of pre-bonsai stock about a week ago, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am.  They all arrived in great shape, and if anything they are more impressive than the pictures that you had posted.  A few lost a few leaves, but all of them are showing new growth, and the fukien teas both also have new flower buds showing!
I look forward to ordering from you again, and I can honestly tell my friends that they will be pleased with anything they order from you.
Click To E-mail Kurt

Gloria, Oklahoma City, OK
Thank you for the tree I recieved Friday.  I was very pleased with my tree and I will continue to order from you.  Thank you for the desire to please you customers and the love you show for the bonsai. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
Click To E-mail Gloria

Sam, Rochester, N.Y.
Just a line to let you know our new family member has arrived safe and sound.  It's a fine specimen and I will enjoy another purchase down the road.  You took customer service to another level, for that I say thanks.  So as not to hurt my new tree if I need to know what's going on with it or I'm not sure about my care of it I'll be sure to call. Books are ok but to talk to someone who is knowledgeable is best.
Thanks again.     Sam
Click To E-mail Sam

David, South Wales, UK
I just want everyone to know how impressed I am with your service.   I didn't purchase anything, but was still given attention and help.   In the future, if I decide to 'have a go' with another tree, I would certainly purchase a tree from bonsaiofbrooklyn.
Many thanks.   David
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Steven - Hattiesburg, MS
I received my Dwarf Juniper Bonsai tree today, and I just wanted to say thanks!  It was delivered in great shape, not a single branch was broken, and it is certainly more beautiful than the picture posted on your site.
I look forward to future purchases from you.
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Chessy - State College, PA
Hello Paul,
I received the tree this morning and I just wanted to write and thank you.   It is an absolute delight and I love the pot which it is in.   It also seems to have survived the journey very well.  As a second time bonsai owner (I managed to kill my maple by being told to keep it out of the light, next to a direct heat source and not give it much water!)   I would appreciate any advice you could give.  Thank you again for the wonderful service and even better tree :-)
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Mariel - Glenview, IL
Hi Paul,
Thanks for packing the tree as if you were expecting the worst.   The tree and the mudmen figurines arrived on the day specified, and in good condition!  I have done so much comparative shopping on the internet for bonsai trees.  Yours is the best site!!!  I think it's wonderful to receive the exact tree that is pictured;  and your selection and prices are great.  I'm looking forward to seeing your Dwarf Jade Trees, I have my heart set on one.
Thanks for your help,    Mariel
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Brian - Saint Paul, MN
just a note to let you know that your trees are amongst the best value I have seen for "specimen" trees. I have been very pleased with the quality of trees and more importantly the "service" you provide your customers.      Take care, Brian

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Tim - Pahrump, Nevada
Dear Paul,
Just thought I'd let you know that my order arrived today, 2/9.   The plants are in excellent condition!  Now I have to convince the little lady to put them outdoors, LOL.  Thanks for your assistance and I'll recommend you to anyone I meet interested in bonsai.       Tim
Click To E-mail Tim

Ezra - Riverdale, N.Y.
Just rec'd my shipment from you.   I am *very* impressed with the promptness and professionalism given to this order.  I will definitely be ordering more from you soon!  In fact, I've been thinking of a Bonsai for my office...  Any suggestions?   Ezra.
Click To E-mail Ezra

Jean-Louis - New York, N.Y.
best soil around!!! Best service too.  You deserve to have a great testimonial page that speaks of the quality of your business. You can put my name, city and email address with my comment. I wish you much success.       JL
Click To E-mail Jean-Louis

01/05/2001 - Barbara - Harwich, MA
I received my order today, but I think it's broken.   The unit reads "wet" and has a rattle sound. Please let me know how I can replace the unit.  Thank you
From: "Bonsai of Brooklyn" Friday, January 05, 2001
Sorry for the inconvenience.  No matter how you pack it, when an item has internal moving parts, it's vulnerable.   I'll send another out Monday.  Paul
01/11/2001  Thank you for sending out the replacement.   It arrived to day and is in perfect condition.  I really appreciate your prompt service and your consideration.
Click To E-mail Barbara

Bruce - Auburn Maine
The tree came in today and it was much bigger than I expected.  It is the most beautiful bonsai tree I have ever seen.   It will be focal point in my living room when I remodel this spring.  I really enjoy the products I receive from your company.  Happy Holidays.
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