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It's mid May, and by now all your bonsai are in full growth.   Now is the time to begin trimming.   While not absolutely necessary, your results will be much better if you have a plan.   Some people like to just sit down with a bonsai and "let nature take it's course".   Other people prefer to plan what they want the bonsai to develop into.   You can study the structure and growth habits of a tree and sketch it as it looks now, and how you want it to look in the future.   Use the sketches to judge your progress, then adjust your plans accordingly.   I believe that it's more important THAT you trim then which method you use.

Most trees go through a couple of growth "spurts" a year, and for a given species in a given climate and conditions, the growth cycles are usually consistent from year to year.   Keeping a book on when each of your bonsai go through periods of growth is a good idea.   It will help you plan when to trim what.   As your collection grows, good planning is essential to avoid neglecting your trimming chores.

There are basic methods for trimming conifers and leaf bearing trees.   Next week I'll write about trimming trees with leaves, and the following week about trimming conifers.

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